Mob cap and shoe cover

Personal protective equipment (PPE) and prevention systems
for people, environments and workers.

Mob Cap

• Securing hair and minimizing the risk of contamination with comfortable wearing.
• Elastic trim for a variety of hairstyles.
• Single or double elastic strings available.
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Bouffant Cap

Made of Spunbonded polypropylene, and sewn with elastic band, with its class one flammability rating and latex free features, it gives your head great protection and comfort. There are size 18”,21” and 24” available, which fit most people. It’s widely used for cleaning, food service, healthcare, laboratory and homecare.
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Shoe Cover

• Suitable for isolation and basic protection from particulate
• Specialized design for particular occasions
• Practical barrier for wide range of applications
• Soft and light weight
• Good fit, feel and performance
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