Displays for personal protective equipment and sanitising gels

Automatic sanitising gel dispenser columns,
entrance PPE displays.
dispenser gel automatico

Automatic hand sanitising dispenser

No-touch dispensing, ensures maximum hygiene and convenience.
Made in Italy.

• Compatible with all sanitizers, liquid soaps
and/or gels.
• Design: innovative and elegant.
• Saves water, paper and energy.
Does not produce any waste.

• Dispenser capacity: 700 ml.
• Height: 120 cm.

Available colours: grey, black and white.
Fully customizable: colour, graphics, logo, texture and finishes.
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Display for PPE and
sanitising gel

Smart and elegant entrance display for personal protective equipment.

Dedicated spaces for:
• Disinfectant gel dispenser;
• Glove dispenser;
• Space for communication materials;

Available in bronze, white and blue.
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